Old Town Mall

Old Town | Baltimore, Maryland

It has long been said that Baltimore City’s greatest asset is its many neighborhoods, each diverse with its own character. Old Town Mall has a rich history, strengthened by its inhabitants.

From its strong neighborhood fabric to its original entrepreneurial ambitions, the the Old Town Mall area stands for what makes Baltimore City great, but has fallen into disrepair. Beatty Development Group is a contributing member of a partnership working to redevelop this long-distressed area, encompassing the surrounding neighborhoods and increasing connectivity between them.

The planned redevelopment would help weave the neighborhood back into the fabrics of the city and tap into a market created by nearby Johns Hopkins Hospital. Current plans would create more than 2.2 million square feet of new offices, mixed-income residences, retail and community spaces.


Project Details

  • 16 acres
  • 1.2 million SF office space
  • 160,000 SF retail space
  • 1,200 housing units

Project Partners

  • Beatty Development Group
  • Commercial Group
  • Henson Development Company
  • Mission First Housing Group

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