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HABC Selects Perkins Point Partners for Perkins Redevelopment Project

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City Board of Commissioners (HABC Board) approved the award to Perkins Point Partners to redevelop the Perkins Homes site in Southeast Baltimore, known as the “Perkins Transformation Project.” HABC will enter into negotiations with the team in an effort to execute a master development agreement to create a vibrant, new sustainable, mixed-income community.

“HABC has high aspirations for the redevelopment of the Perkins Homes site,” said HABC Board Chair Joseph Smith. “It is HABC’s commitment to produce a new community that serves the needs of all residents. HABC is excited to begin negotiations with Perkins Point Partners to execute a viable plan that is feasible from a market, financial, and community perspective.”

HABC and the City of Baltimore intend to jointly submit a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Housing & Community Development (HUD) to redevelop the Perkins Homes site in the upcoming funding round, if funding is available and the plan meets eligibility requirements. The CNI program supports locally-driven strategies to transform neighborhoods of extreme poverty into sustainable, mixed-income communities.

“Redeveloping our most distressed communities and improving the amenities available to Baltimore City residents are major goals of my administration,” said Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “The Perkins Transformation project will incorporate a neighborhood plan that combines new housing, infrastructure improvements, economic development, public safety strategies, and enhanced educational opportunities for the community.”

Perkins Point Partners is the collaboration of Mission First Housing Group, the Henson Development Company, Beatty Development Group, and Bank of America CDC. Collectively, the experienced team has a proven track record in developing a variety of affordable, mixed income, and market rate communities including Fells Point Station, the recent mixed income, multi-family development in nearby Fells Point. The three development firms are also partnering with the City of Baltimore to transform the land near Old Town Mall that includes the site of the former Somerset public housing development and neighbors Perkins Homes. Given the proximity of these communities, the synergies between the two projects would maximize redevelopment potential, resulting in greater opportunities and housing options for residents.

“HABC is excited to move forward with the Perkins Transformation Project and collaborate with Perkins Point Partners, the community, and other key partners to improve housing access, resident success, and neighborhood vibrancy,” said HABC Executive Director Janet Abrahams. “It’s the beginning of a renaissance in this neighborhood. The long-term vision of the project is to restore Perkins Homes and the surrounding community by replacing distressed public housing with high quality housing for people from all income levels.”